Amy Lin

pencil drawing
31 x 47 x 2 in
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Amy Lin is an American artist living and working in Washington, D.C. Lin has had 11 solo exhibitions including ones in New York City, Tokyo, and Washington, D.C. this year. Lin is the recipient of a Strauss Fellowship Grant and has had artist residencies in Tokyo and Singapore. Lin has been reviewed in the Washington Post and American Contemporary Art magazine and published in New American Paintings and art critic Lenny Campello's book "100 Artists of Washington, D.C.” Lin’s drawings are held in many corporate and private collections throughout the US and Europe. Artist Statement "My drawings explore different types of interactions depicted with thousands of hand-drawn circular dots or other repeating marks. On one level, the interactions are physical and the dots exist as particles or molecules. On another level, the interactions are social and the dots represent humans. Because the dots are hand-drawn, they are analogous to humans in a society – from a macroscopic level they are all the same, but close up the differences become apparent. These differences or “personalities” are what makes each of us beautiful. My choice of medium may seem surprising as the drawings often conjure up references to science and technology and because they are frequently mistaken for being digitally produced, but I use one of the most basic media - pencil on paper – as a counterbalance. Technology is usually assumed to outperform human capability for accuracy and precision, but my drawings develop organically, each mark suggesting the next, the finished product a remarkable surprise." -- Amy LIn


1440 Greengrass Drive
Houston, TX 77008


1440 Greengrass Drive
Houston, TX 77008
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